About Nutty Amber Videos

Who Are We?

Nutty Amber Videos was founded by Amy Burnett, a woman on a mission to make video content accessible to all. As well as being a small business owner herself, Amy is a professional videographer, photographer and is totally in love with her work.

After studying photography at college, Amy ran her own business for eight years shooting weddings and sporting events before working for agencies and freelancing for a further two. Her love of video began by accident, when she started experimenting with her DSLR (that’s a fancy camera for all you non-techy types) and realised the amazing potential of video production.

Since then, Amy has been hugely successful at working with small businesses to create video content, as well as teaching businesses how to film and edit their own videos on Smartphones.

Amy Burnet - Owner Nutty Amber Videos

Why Choose Us?

Nutty Amber Videos is passionate about telling your story through video content. Used alongside text and static photography, it gives your brand personality and power.

We realise that being a business owner can be overwhelming at the best of times, and filming videos to show off your brand can feel like mission impossible! So at Nutty Amber, we like to make the experience as fun and relaxed as possible. We take on the stress of technical equipment, lighting and camera set-up and help you to create content that resonates with your audience (and that you enjoy creating).

Nutty Amber Videos is unique as its run by a woman and challenges the corporate video culture which can sometimes seem formal (and a bit scary). We want video to be accessible to all businesses – no matter the size. And Amy loves showing business owners that they don’t have to spend a fortune to create professional, engaging films.

Based in Hertfordshire, we’ve travelled all over the UK to shoot videos and have worked in five star locations as well as busy warehouses to create exciting content. We work with people we like – which in turn produces content that is fun to watch and even more fun to make.

Our Team

With Amy at the helm, running the day-to-day aspects of Nutty Amber Videos, she works alongside a team of freelancers to ensure that your video content offers value for money. If needed, Amy can recommend professionals for animation and script writing as well as a consultant to give you more confidence on camera.

Click here to contact us and find out how to get started with Nutty Amber Videos.

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