Bespoke Video Training

Nutty Amber Videos provides bespoke smartphone video training so businesses can film their own ongoing content for social media.


 We will show you how to create content that engages your target audience; keeping them watching, following and converting into sales.

Learning how to create, shoot, and edit video content might sound difficult or technical – but it can all be done through your smartphone. Whether a sole trader or large corporate, video content is a powerful marketing tool that you cannot afford to ignore.

Brands use video content across social media channels, on their websites and for online ads. So, at Nutty Amber Videos, we listen to what you and your organisation need in order to provide a completely bespoke video training experience.

Video training can take place on a one to one basis, for a small group or for an individual department. It will help to promote your brand, send a clear and consistent message across your social media channels and will help you and your team to shake off the fear of being in front of (or behind) the camera.

Why Choose Nutty Amber Video’s Training Courses?

Run by Amy Burnett, our video training courses are enjoyable and easy to understand.

Amy breaks down the process of creating video content into fun, bite size pieces so you can learn to harness the power of your smartphone and get your business seen online.

The training courses can show you how to:

  • Film like a pro with your smartphone
  • Speak confidently on camera
  • Use accessories to get the best results
  • Edit content on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Add text, subtitles, music and more
  • Optimise your video for various platforms

Training can take place at your workplace, or we can arrange a convenient location (we’ll even provide tea and biscuits).

If you want to learn how to produce your own video content, click here to contact us.

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