Event Filming & Conference Video

Capture your conference, seminar or training day on film to ensure your one-time event really pays off.

Nutty Amber Videos will produce a lasting record of your conference, so you can use it online, as part of a training programme or for clients.

We will produce a video that reflects your company’s brand – whether it is a corporate conference, a training seminar for team members or a workshop for your clients. Each video is unique and we will ensure your brand’s personality comes through in the final film.

Why do we need a Conference Video?


A Conference Video is a long term record of your event can be used to show clients your capabilities, to market future conferences or to promote your expertise in a specific industry area.

We offer coverage of the entire event and are completely flexible in the way we work. Our camera set-up is discrete, so we can showcase the full day – from guests’ arriving to the main talk and whatever else you’d like captured– without getting in the way.

After investing all that time and effort into organising a conference, it’s important that it pays off, and a professional video will help to do that.

To add to a Conference Video’s overall feel, we can also film one to one interviews with expert speakers or ask attendees for feedback – all to give you the best video content possible. The final video will be edited and put together for a seamless insight into the day’s events.

How can I use my Conference Video?

Sharing video content online is more important than ever, for both marketing and promotional strategies. It is a proven method of gaining more traffic to your website and engaging viewers.

Once you’ve received your final video you can share it on various platforms, such as:

  • YouTube, Vimeo or LinkedIn to attract like minded professionals

  • Social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram

  • Your company website to showcase your conference

  • As a training video for new employees

  • As a promotional video for new clients


We can teach you how to publish your video online and will provide you with links and a hard copy of your video.

Why choose Nutty Amber Videos?

As experts in video, we’re the right choice for your Conference Video production:

  • We have experience of filming a range of conferences in various locations and settings
  • We create videos that are interesting and professionally produced
  • We use top of the range equipment to ensure we get the best shots
  • We will make sure you are completely happy with your video and incorporate your feedback into our edits

Talk to our team about our conference video and event filming services today.

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