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Promotional Videos are a key part of any advertising strategy. Video content speaks directly to your target audience and tells them why your business or product is the right fit for them.

Whether you’re a sole trader or an SME, a promotional video gives your customer insight into your way of working, your products and services and the value you offer. It will raise your brand’s online presence, boost your company profile and best of all, can be shared in a variety of ways.

At Nutty Amber Videos, we will shoot different elements of your business or product video and tie them together into a seamless promotional video. We can combine text, photography and film to create an interesting and attractive promotional piece. We can even add footage you or your team have taken to give your video content depth and authenticity.

We can create serious, slick promotional content or make your video fun and light-hearted – we’ll speak to your target customer in the tone of voice they need to hear.

With video content responsible for converting more potential clients into paying customers than ever before, it’s the right time to use a Nutty Amber promotional video to grow your business.

How can I use my Promotional Video?


Promotional Videos can be used in a number of ways to boost your brand:


  • Share your promo video on social media channels such as YouTube or Vimeo to improve your search engine ranking
  • Give customers a teaser of your video on social platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn to encourage them to visit your website
  • Embed your promotional video into an email to make an email marketing campaign more likely to be seen
  • Sharing your video content online is easy and quick and we can teach you how to publish it online.

Why Choose Nutty Amber Videos?


We love creating videos advertising that resonate with your customers and have filmed a range of businesses in action – from spa treatments to automotive product suppliers.

We are passionate about creating interesting and informative Promotional Videos to give your clients a real taste of your business.

We provide a full service – from brainstorming ideas with you, planning the shoot, scripting, filming and editing. By working with you from start to finish, we try to capture what you and your clients love about your brand to showcase it in a bespoke video.

Whether you are promoting a new range of products or promoting your business in general, we pride ourselves on coming up with original ideas and putting a creative spin on businesses which might not be as visual as others. Click here to see an example of how we presented xxx business in their Promotional Video.

Talk to our team about our promotional video production services today.

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