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With over 8 billion videos watched on Facebook every day and sites like YouTube playing over 1.5 billion hours of video per day – your customers want to see what you’re offering.

Click onto any social media platform and you will see businesses doing Facebook lives, adding to their Instagram Stories, speaking directly to B2B clients on LinkedIn and sharing videos of their work.

Social media is a key tool in your marketing strategy and video content is a powerful addition to your brand’s social profiles.

Create a Social Media Video campaign with a series of Nutty Amber Videos or let us produce a one-off clip. A series of short, snappy videos that your social media followers can watch and share with others is a proven strategy to increase brand awareness.

Social Media marketing is growing every day, and with billions of users worldwide, why not make now the time to use videos to grow your brand?

What is a Social Media Video?


Social Media Videos are typically short in length and big in message. Shorter videos are mobile friendly and don’t eat up too much data – which makes users more likely to watch them:

With more people preferring to watch and share videos rather than reading blogs or articles, it is the ideal time to start planning your put together a social media video campaign.

Our video content can be produced in a variety of aspect ratios and sizes to fit every social network:

Instagram video
Twitter video and twitter ad content
Facebook video and FB live campaigns

Why Choose Nutty Amber Videos?


We want you to fall in love with your video content and we can help you do that by creating fun, creative and shareable video content. We create social media videos which capture your audience’s attention and keep them around to share your message.

Let us help you devise a social media video campaign that will attract viewers, get people sharing your content and boosting your online brand presence.

We can shorten a promotional video into bitesize clips so you can share these on social media, or we can create a completely original series of short videos. Each one will be unique to your business and send your target audience the message you want them to see.

For those of you that want to learn how to make your own social media videos, we offer bespoke training workshops to teach these skills.

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